a.k.a. the 1000 Islands Street Machine Association

would like to thank the UNITED WAY of LEEDS and GRENVILLE for this wonderful symbol of appreciation.

Pictured below, receiving the recognition, are: Kevin B. and family, Moe and Billy (vendor liasons post 2011), Paul (president), Bob F., United Way rep., Yvonne, Gord, Stu, Smitty (cruise-in co-ordinator), Jeff, and Bob L. (vendor liason pre 2012).

Even though TISMA has been, historically, a relatively small club, its incredibly dedicated numbers are growing. TISMA would like to take this opportunity to welcome new 2011 members: Moe, Billy, Yvonne, Gord, and Jeff.

There may not be a lot of us, but we are seldom all in the same place at the same time. More long time members are pictured below presenting the United Way with a donation derived from efforts put into AUTOMOTION: Janice and Murray (web masters), Bob L. (vendor liason pre 2012), Bob F., Steve (public relations), United Way rep., Robin (treasurer), Paul (president), Kevin B., and Stu.

There are still are few more that have yet to be caught on camera with the United Way. It'll happen ... someday.

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