CAREFUL - If you touch it, it might move, squirt, or fart.
Even adults were asking "How does it do that?"
We won't tell.

Did you discover this gem in your travels around the park?

Brockville's own 3D CHALK GUY - Guy Wales - worked diligently throughout the day producing a masterpiece.
If you look at it from the wrong angle, you see a flat, somewhat distorted, chalk drawing on pavement.


If you look at it from the right spot, with one eye closed or through a camera lens, you should see an amazing 3D image. If you don't, take a picture and look at it at home on a computer screen.
We can almost guarantee you'll say WOW !!!

What is it ?

the HOOD ORNAMENT from the 1931 Plymouth PA series
This is truly a one-of-a-kind. The next time it rains -- IT'S GONE!

Click this link for the background story of the "Flying Lady"
-- a classy and beautiful hood ornament that transcends the brand
and represents a truly classic era of the automobile.
It's also a fascinating introduction to sculptor Avard Fairbanks who went on to design the Dodge Ram ornament.

STUDENTS - Check this out.

As told by Algonquin College...
This car is a 2001 Formula Firebird with an LS1 5.7. The car was donated to the college in 2001 by GM Canada. In the last 2 school years the students of the Motive Power Technician program have built it into a race car. Otherwise, the car would have gone to scrap.
The LS1 was completely torn apart and cleaned. A comp extreme cam and full length headers were added. The ECU was re-flashed with a performance tune. An SLP loud mouth exhaust was installed, along with all tubular suspension and engine cradle. All ABS was removed and a manual proportioning valve with line lock was installed. All non-essential parts were removed to lighten it for racing and the car now weighs 2900 lbs. The car was painted by the Auto Body Apprenticeship Program.



Your TISMA webmasters have something to add...

If you have ever thought of turning your automotive interest into a career, we urge you to give these teachers at Algonquin College a call. Their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm are infectious. We wish we had had teachers like this when we went to school. To find out for yourself, call:

Jason Glennon
Transportation & Trades
Algonquin College
1385 Woodroffe Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 1V8
613-727-4723 ext 6516

People's reaction to these numbers were jaw dropping.

Anyone up for any stunts - at the track, of course ?

Ever wonder what it would be like to be behind the wheel of 1000 HP ?

This smile should answer your question !



Like the plate says -- IT'S SHOWTIME !
All those trophies take up the whole back seat.

They all went home HAPPY.

Hope you did too !

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